Interactive Myrtle Presentations for Kids

Dressed as Myrtle the hurdling turtle, Marybeth Dillon-Butler entertains, inspires and informs youngsters in pre-school through third-grade about healthy eating and exercise. A veteran of 37 marathons, Dillon-Butler reads her rhyming, whimsically-illustrated picture book, engaging little ones in the story. Her presentation is interactive and includes colorful props. Youngsters are encouraged to dance, clap, and join Myrtle in song as she plays her ukulele. Myrtle leads groups with gentle stretches and a short jog where circumstances and logistics permit.

Dillon-Butler’s book and interactive program are effective tools in the effort to curb childhood obesity, which now affects 40% of American families.

Dillon-Butler also presents the “Myrtlympic Games,” a series of “Olympic” athletic events suitable for the gym or playground, and craft projects. Fees are very reasonable. Books are personally signed and sold at a discount. Educational handouts available.