Meet Myrtle, the star runner in my children’s picture book, Myrtle the Hurdler and her Pink and Purple, Polka-Dotted Girdle. I’m glad you’re here!

My award-winning book and interactive presentation inspire youngsters to eat healthy and keep fit! Dressed as Myrtle the hurdling turtle — and traveling with my ukulele and array of fruits and vegetables – I visit youngsters at schools, road races, kids’ camps, health fairs, parties, bookstores and more.

Teachers will be happy to know “Myrtle” meets many state-mandated Grade-Level Content Expectations. Parents looking for fitness themes for their child’s birthday party may want to learn more about the “Myrtlympics,” Olympic-themed athletic events hosted by Myrtle.

With all the exciting news to share about nutrition, fitness, track and field, marathoning and self-empowerment, it’s my hope that author visits like mine will help eradicate childhood obesity, juvenile diabetes and all associated health problems.

Enjoy your visit, and watch for updates to our new site!